About Nordplus and EkoTekNord


The aim of Nordplus is to promote the mobility of students and staff within the Nordic and Baltic countries and to promote cooperation in developing new courses and new intensive courses within higher education. Within Nordplus a number of various networks exist. These are mainly directed towards different disciplines.


EkoTekNord is one of these networks. Business, Information Technology, Engineering, Logistics and Media are the main disciplines within Eko TekNord. EkoTekNord started in 1998 based upon earlier networks which in turn developed at the beginning of the 1990s. The intention of the network is to have partners in all Nordplus eligible countries. Potential new partners may be approved by the institutional EkoTekNord contact persons at the annual network meeting.



The most important aim of the network is to promote student and teacher mobility within Business, IT, Engineering, Logistics, Communication & Media, as well as Entrepreneurship and Innovation. By promoting close links with industry, the network also seeks to obtain more placements for students or other forms of close cooperation such as student projects, company visits, visiting lecturers from industry, etc.

Other development projects

The Network looks at current trends and priorities of the Nordic Council of Ministers to find openings for cooperation in areas like quality assurance, links to industry, developments of higher education systems and policies.

Curriculum development

The network intends to promote the development of double/joint degree programmes.

For more information please see our policy paper.