Do you want to study or have a work placement in a company in another Nordic or Baltic country?

We offer you opportunities within for example the following subject areas: business, economicsengineering, IT, communication, logistics, langauages. Click here to find a list of the offers of the individual higher education institutions of the network.


Would you like a change of environment? New colleagues? New ideas?

As a teacher you are welcome to participate within our teacher exchange programme with a minimum exchange period of one week or 8 teaching hours. These exchange periods are partly funded by the network and the rest by your home institution. The network organizes also projects which bring teachers and students together.

Network contacts

Would you like a change of environment? New colleagues? New ideas?

The role of the contact persons is to inform and advice students and teachers about EkoTekNord and whow they can benefit from the network activities. In the information for the contact persons you will find the policy paper and other documents



Forum for the future

Take the chance to study for a semester in another Nordic or Baltic country, or simply take a single course, or participate in a week's intensive course.

You will get to know young people both like yourself and very different from yourself – and you will find that you learn more! Realise the benefits of Nordic cooperation! Together with our Nordic neighbours we can be stronger. Here you have the opportunity to experience Nordic cooperation in real life! Not because of our similarities or differences but due to the fact that we can and want to cooperate with each other.